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OFW Cases Addressed by LACMMI
By Miss June Inabayan
Modelong OFW:
Isang panayam


Larawan ng mga natulungang Pamilya

LACMMI, through our Archdiocesan Migrant Desk (AMD), has been continuously addressing problems and concerns encountered by OFW’s and their families.  It has been an ongoing process as part of our mission to extend a helping hand and to reach out to our fellow Batangueños through AMD, our partner institututions, government agencies and friends. 

 Through our government linkages, we facilitated addressing some of those issues and provided successful solutions.  Following are some of the cases  brought to our attention and are either still an ongoing process or those we have, so far, been able to help find solutions for:



Family Relationship Issues:

 Rose Alcala – Marawoy

Her husband works in Singapore.  After his 3rd contract, lesser communications with family became apparent.  Financial support was also affected until he eventually stopped sending money.

 Through OWWA & CBCP-ECMI, her husband was reached and advised to send remittance to their children.  He did so but is still hesitant to rebuild the broken relationship with Rose as he seems to have found another woman.

 Edna Resuello – from Lipa

Her husband went to Australia as tourist to look for a job.  He was able to find a job thru a woman, who was later found out to be having an affair with him with the consent of his parents.  Edna took the pain and was advised to continue the communication for the sake of the children’s future.  Keeping the pain to herself, the husband never fails to send remittance and communicates with her and their children on a regular basis.

Lorna Catubao – Pinagkawitan

Her husband Rodolfo was sent to London as Chef at the Shangri-La.  After a year, communications and money remittance stopped.  His whereabouts unknown.  Letters and phone calls failed and even OWWA & POLO cannot find him.  Their children had to stop going to school for their incapacity to pay for it.  No news about his location has been documented even up to this time.

Tina Capalad – Adelina Homes

Her husband has been working in Japan for more than five years but never sends money remittance to his family causing wife to find herself in bad debts.  Through another Batangueño working at the Philippine Embassy in Japan, the husband was reached and his family’s problems were discussed.  Monthly remittance began to arrive.  Tina and the kids are now enjoying a better life.

Nonalyn (not her real name) – Lipa

Nonalyn worked in London at an early age. She returned home to marry her boyfriend.  After six months, she left her husband and began dating other guys, until she found herself crying and craving for true love.  Her case was endorsed to Fr. Dale, CFLA director and marriage counselor for a series of  counseling.

Celia Delgado Dimaanos – Tingga, Batangas City (Married, 7 children)

She left 27 years ago, leaving behind 7 kids without sending remittances.  Her youngest child became a drug dependent.  Relatives want to relay this situation to her but nobody knows where to find her.  Whereabouts currently unknonwn.

Vilma Fatulay – Gulod Itaas, Batangas City (Married, 4 kids)

Vilma returned home after her 2nd contract.  She found herself to be in bad debts and decided to leave again for Hongkong.  She never sent money to her kids leaving them out of school.  Whereabouts currently unknown.

Elizabeth Peria Laya – Lipa

She’s working in Israel for 10 years now.  After five years of good communications, she returned home for her father’s burial.  She left again for Israel and her family never heard of her since.  Her mentally-retarded child was left unattended and was said to be seen in different places in Batangas or Manila.  Her child’s caretaker is worried, as she herself is always sick.  Sources say she found another husband in Israel, living and working with the absence of any legal document.

Juliet Sevilla – Lipa

She left to work in Japan as an entertainer and now married to a Japanese.  Her sister-in-law came to us with the problem that her parents are both suffering from tuberculosis while her father has become blind.  Whereabouts currently unknown.

Ginalina de Ocampo – Balete, Batangas

She left to work in Saudi Arabia nine (9) years ago, leaving behind two (2) kids.  After 2 or three years of constant communication, letters from her family returned and Ginalina was missing.  Whereabouts currently unknown.

Rosalie Virtus – Mataas na Kahoy

Her teenage daughter is worried about her mother whose whereabouts for 9 years was unknown.  She was hesitant to approach us because they are members of Iglesia ni Kristo until they found out that we are not an exclusive helping team for Catholics as our mission is to help families and OFW or Migrants themselves.  We believe that God’s Hands reaches for everyone in need, regardless of their religious beliefs or affiliation.

A month later, Rosalie returned home and stayed with her kids.  She’s now working as a laundrywoman.  GMA will offer alternative livelihood program very soon.

Jose Baraka Carandang – Tingga, Batangas City

He left to work in a construction company in Singapore for 2 years.  He never sent money to his wife and 2 kids.  He returned home but only to join his live-in partner from Pangasinan.  Issue was addressed to OWWA  and everyone is praying for them.


OFW Cases

Florencio Titular – San Isidro, Lipa City

He keft to work in Taiwan under contract as a care taker.  He reached Taiwan but worked as coconut gatherer, filling two cargo truckloads of coconut without proper meal.

CASE: Breach of contract – was rescued from employers and repatriated back home, thru the assistance of OWWA and CBCP-ECMI.

Maureen Enero-Atienza – Bauan

Working as domestic helper in Saudi Arabia, Maureen was encouraged by a friend to look for a better employer leaving her current employer’s house without proper documents.  She was arrested by the Saudi police and was detained for eight months.  Mr. Enero brought her case to us and thru CBCB-ECMI and OWWA, Maureen returned home after almost 9 months of serving her sentence.

Librado Hilario – Lipa City – Married

He was working in Australia.  On a flight back to Australia he was encouraged by a friend to get-off the plane during a stop-over in Japan.  As an El Shaddai preacher,  he preached and worked in Japan in the absence of any legal document.  He was arrested and detained at a Fukouka-ken Detention Center as of this writing.

Sources say that he has been arrested by the Japanese authorities for the 4th time now but he never returns to the Philippines each time he gets released after serving his sentence.

Cesar Ariola – Sta. Teresita.

He was working in Japan on an expired tourist visa.  He was arrested by the Japanese authorities and is still on detention.  We are still working on his case.

Dionisia Furto Sanchez – Ilijan

She was arrested in Saudi Arabi by a Saudi Police for the offense of going out without proper documents.  Served seven months in jail and returned home through the help of OWWA and DFA.

Maximo Tau (San Pascual) & Joseph Hortaleza (Alupay, Rosario)

Died at their work place – Processing of proper documents was advised.  The assistance of immediate flight was facilitated and their bodies brought home to their families.

Tirso Randolf Cabiscuelas (Balete, Batangas) – and Irene Rhuan (Tuy)

Working Permit Expired while still on their job sites.  Advised to seek assistance from Philippine Embassy at their host country.

Aleli Vera Lazaro – Libjo, Batangas

Followed her husband in Saudi Arabia and dated each other out until she got pregnant.  Such circumstance is prohibited for a Saudi worker if they do not have the proper documents.  Her immediate return was assisted.

Gloria Himagtog – Mataas na Kahoy

Her husband works in Saudi Arabia.  After celebrating his birthday with a small party of friends, he was arrested and accused of drug possession.  With the immediate call for help by Gloria, proper assistance of OWWA was sought in time.  Her husband was acquitted and sent back to work.

Delia Colendres – Bolbok, Lipa City

Daughter Marivic del Rosario and other people she works with, worked without any days off, worked for long hours with no overtime pay and does not receive their salaries on time.  ABS-CBN, thru Erwin Tulfo, helped the group before our assistance came.  They were repatriated home safely.

Mina Macalalad – Lipa City

Her husband works in Italy.  Mina was diagnosed to have a brain tumor that needs a substantial amount of money for surgery.  A special assistance was given to her thru AMD.

Luryna Manalo – San Pascual

She’s a Domestic Helper in Korea.  While working under contract, she was diagnosed to have a renal disease or malfunction of the kidney that needs a delicate and proper medical treatment.  Her case was endorsed to us by CBCP-ECMI and we sought assistance thru the Medical Assistance to Religious program from the Daughters of Charity.  She now undergoes dialysis and we seek further financial assistance for her continuous dialysis.

Willy Gajon Valenzuela – Lipa City

He is an OFW in South Korea.  He left the Philippines with forged documents and worked there for nine years.  He was hit by a car on an accident causing both his legs to be amputated.  His case was endorsed to us for family acknowledgement by CBCP-ECMI thru Sr. Teresa Laguna.  Thru her help, the car owner paid for his operation and sustained him until recuperation.  He was also given US$ 7,000.00 before he was sent home to the Philippines.


On our list are some Batangueños in Lebanon some of whom were taken by their employers outside Lebanon with them to another country.  Others are still asking for assistance like Marily and Leonora Cueto from Calatagan, Nora M. Villalobos of Tambo, Grace Lacsamana of Lipa, Lenie of San Sebastian Mataas na kahoy and others whose names remained unconfirmed.

Joan and Girlie Cantos – Cuta West, Batangas City

They were recruited by their neighbor to work at a hotel in Syria.  Upon reaching the place, they worked for an employer who maltreated them.  The hotel job was a hoax.  No longer able to bear the pain, they are asking for assistance to help them leave their employer.

10 Seamen – via Josephine Manalo – San. Pascual, Batangas

Josephine brought the problem to our attention in behalf of her husband and other Batangueño seamen held hostage in Somalia.  As OWWA, DFA and the vessel owner were bargaining with the captors to free the crew and the ship, a news black-out was in effect for political reasons.

Josephine, together with the other wives of those in captivity, were advised to see AOS-MLA and heed the rules set for such situation.  The seamen were brought to trial and news was viewed on ABS-CBN and other networks. 

We had a hard time trying to convince those Seamen’s families to keep their silence until those government agencies are able to do their part under the veil of the news black-out.  Fortunately, they were finally convinced and things went as expected.


Illegal Recruitment:


Erick Latade and Co.

They were recruited by Edith Medina to work in Korea.  They were asked to pay different amounts depending on Edith’s given requirement to each of them while improvised receipts were issued for their payments.  When several promises by Edith failed to deploy them to Korea, they asked for our help and we accompanied them to the police headquarters of Lipa City.  Edith was arrested but was set free on bail the next day.  We didn’t stop there, we asked for help from the ABS-CBN entrapment assistance.  Edith Medina was arrested again but this time by PAIRTIFF and Capt. Jaylo.  She’s now behind bars without bail pending trial.

Gamilin and Co. = Lobo Batangas

He was recruited, together with five others, to work in Italy.  The recruiter even accompanied them up to Budapest, Hungary and left them by themselves when she found the chance.  They paid from P350,000.00 to P700,00.00 to the alleged recruiter.  They were arrested and detained by the Hungarian authorities for a week before sending them back to the Philippines thru the assistance of the Philippine Embassy and some priests.

Maribel Salvador – Batangas City

She was recruited by a certain Maria Mendoza and Fe Ramos to work in Italy for a placement fee of P350,000.00.   After awhile and failing to send her to Italy she was promised the issuance of a working permit in Malaysia or Russia.  After three months, her visa in Kuala Lumpur expired forcing her to return to Philippines.  Fe Ramos is nowhere to be found.

 The case was brought to us but only one complainant seem to be interested to pursue the case.  The rest are no longer interested to get back the money and would rather work on their next venture, to find another way, to leave the country.


If there’s anyone of you who might be able to help us find those who are still missing or could lead us to find them in their respective areas of deployment, please get in touch with us at our help desk or email us

 Let us join hands in helping our needy kababayan’s abroad and their families left behind.

Ilan lamang ito sa mga dumulog sa ating komisyon at ang kanilang suliranin mula sa Illegal recruitment, di tinatatanggap na mga remittance, problema sa pamilya, sa relasyon at kung minsan ay inirerefer naming ito kay Father Dali lalo’t usaping pampamilya, mga batang naliligaw ng landas (nabubuntis, nagrerebelde at iba pa).  Malawak ang mga usapin lalo’t sa pangangalaga ng OFW at pamilya ang pag uusapan.  Ngunit sa kabila ng lahat, handa at nakalaang tumulong, imulat ang mga mata at kaisipan ng pamilyang migrante.

Kung may suliranin ang inyong pamilya sa ibang bansa, at dito man, mangyaring makipag ugnayan kayo sa upisina – LACMMI – St. Francis Minor Seminary, San Lorenzo Ruiz Road, Lipa City, o tumawag sa (043)-756-0385.

Baliki sa simula ng pahina

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