Floats are necessary to smooth concrete surfaces

Concretes’ sturdiness and low maintenance cost make it a favourite choice for base material over the world. But you can enjoy this long lasting durability of concrete if work is perfect. You have to see to it that concrete-materials are laid uniformly over the area and finishing is smooth.

You will need floats to give that perfect finish to a concrete surface. Let us find out what is float and how it can help you to make perfect concrete surface.

What is a float?

Float is a tool that helps to manage concrete materials. Primarily, it was made up of flat metal or woods that smoothes surface of concrete. Now days, they are designed differently to suit varied purposes.

What are different types of floats?

Floats are of different types. But in this article we will talk about concrete float.  Concrete floats also have different varieties such as easy float, bull float, big blue glider trowels and power float.

What are the available shapes and materials of float?

Square is the most popular shape of float. These work better while levelling sides. Round ends leave less edge marks on the concrete surface.

Magnesium is most accepted type of material for manual floats. The soft metal surface does not create much friction with wet concrete.

How floats are used?

Floats are used to push concrete-materials evenly over the surface so that it gives a smooth effect. This is a primary function which is same for all ranges of float.

Which float you require?

Different floats are used for diverse areas.

  • If you have a project to construct driveway or work over a large expanse bull float and blue trowels are used.
  • Power floats are operated when urgency is there and the area is wide. Power floats gives perfect concrete finish.
  • Easy floats are floats with handle that make it possible to smooth hard reach ends.

So, if you are planning to work with concrete material, purchase suitable tool that will give superb finish to your construction.

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