Handling exterior painting? Know what experts are saying

Filtering exterior paint colour for your home is never an easy job. There is a fair chance that you will end up doing mistakes.

Many home owners find it real difficult while visualizing – How their home will look like after painting is done.  Especially if it is about using different colour combination the job gets even tougher.  Exterior painting includes your house wall, doors, shutters, windows, fences and trim. It means you have bundle of tasks to perform and a variety of consequences to look at.

Make sure you ready to take up the challenge yourself. Else contacting professionals is always a safe bet. You will never want to have a bad investment just because you want to save some money.  However it is good to have some ideas on choosing paint colours.

Let’s take you through some easy steps you won’t forget:

  • Decide the number of colours you want to use. Read out property magazines, paint brochures or surf online to see variety of colour combinations. Select some model house and do permutation-combination.
  • You don’t have to paint all your exteriors.  Modern homes may have metal framed windows. Choose the objects to paint.
  • Be specific about colour contrasts.  Exterior siding, exterior trim, shutters, window trim – for all you have to pick separate colours.  You can use white or off-white colour (popular) for exterior trim. This will add contrast and creativity to exterior walls.
  • Know the style of your home. Also make a note of existing materials you have used so far for your building such as brick siding, stone and roof colour. If your house is completely made up of brick, choose exterior trim paint colour that is close to the colour of mortar.
  • Consider roof colour also.  It should blend with siding paint, trim paint and window finish of your house.
  • Ask your neighbours what they like and don’t like out of your choices.
  • You can design a software program that will help you download the photo of your home and experiment with colour of choices. You may see different look of your home in your computer screen.  This will obviously give you a better picture.

If you are still unsure what exterior paint colours are to be used, it is better, you leave the job to experts.

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